Showcase Submissions

Artists wishing to perform at MMC21 should submit their work to:

sonicbids  reverbnation_logo_light_r_640

Thursday, Friday & Saturday
on February 23, 24, & 25, 2017

Millennium Music Conference Showcases create an exciting and valuable platform for new talent. Performing at the annual event and networking with other musicians, music industry professionals and music fans in this unique conference environment can be integral to careers. Hundreds of unsigned, independent acts and artists will be selected for the night time showcases in 2017. All showcases are open to the public, the majority are free, and most all genres of popular new music are represented. Band performances are generally 40 minute sets of original music of a bill with acts of similar genre. All selected acts and artists are autmoatically registered for the afternoon busines sessions at the Best Western Premier – Central Hotel & Conference Center. All acts that pay to submit to showcase receive free badges for all band members to attend the conference whether selected or not.

The Showcase Submission/Application Deadline is NOVEMBER 30, 2016. Showcase submissions are free via REVERBERATION and SONICBIDS to September 2016. After September showcases submissions are $20.00. Submissions can also be made via MissionTIX, PayPal and mailed in application ($25.00). All acts and artists must submit all of the requirements to be considered. Early selections will be made in October, and the final selection notifications begin on December 19, 2016 and continue until complete. All acts that pay to submit are automatically registered for Performer’s Credentials to attend and participate in the conference. Unselected acts are considered Alternates for showcase performances.

5 Ways to Submit to Showcase & Register your act for Millennium 2017:
The showcase dates are February 23-25, 2017. All showcase submissions and applications must be completed by November 30, 2016. 200 showcase slots are reserved for REVERBERATION, Sonicbids artists, and over 300 will be selected to participate in the conference and showcase.
1. Submit to showcase via ReverbNation with your RPK;
2. Submit to showcase via Sonicbids with your EPK;
3. Submit to showcase using any website with all requirements MissionTIX;
4. Submit to showcase using PayPal.
5. Submit to showcase by mail using the MMC Showcase Application

For more showcase submission information email us at:


Submission after September 2016…$20.00*
*Includes free performer registrations; selected or not.
Submit Online with ReverbNation RPK
Submit Online with Sonicbids EPK
Submit Online with MissionTix
Submit Online with PayPal
Submit by US Mail with Application (Download PDF form)
SUBMISSION DEADLINE ….November 30, 2016

Discounted Registration until December 31, 2016.. $55.00
Registration after December 31, 2016 ……………… $75.00
Registration after January 31, 2017 …………………. $100.00
ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, Military and Student group discounts
available by calling 717-221-1124

By committee selection, if nominated …………….. $150.00
Tracks for consideration must be received
no later than December 31, 2016
All acts and artists can send 2 mp3’s to:
mmccompcd at

photo credit: Patriot News

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